Dongshi Snow Mountain


Work with heart, Service with emotion

Three o'clock in the morning, Taichung, Taiwan. East Great Snow Mountain.Dr. Chung’s Joy Natural Park has started a day’s work.This is the health food research and development park represented by Anyuan.From 2011 The soil and water quality of the park are at the beginning of cultivation.


It is tested with precision instruments and watered by natural mountain spring water in the mountains.Crops adhere to traditional, primitive, natural organic farming. The vegetables collected every year are all artificially cultivated.

The recycling of soil can be completed without waste. The park is under the concept of sustainable development.


All product development is pragmatically produced with the rigorous attitude of ecological recycling method, A range of preventive medicine products produced with global exclusive extraction technology. And supplemented by international papers on gene therapy , Make products more global credibility


Anyuan believes

The true purity from the soil can be felt!

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