Broccoli powder 

USD.120(15 bag)

About the product:

Ingredients: 100% extracted from broccoli buds/ healthy sulforaphane

  • global exclusive technologh:use *EZ GROW to cultivate broccoli buds then extact the whole plants

  • 20 times extraction can effectively absorb nutrients

  • Gene regulation restore mechanism

  • Down-regulates SKP2, Antiproliferation in adenocarcinoma cells

  • similar to cancer cell lesion treatment  ; Non-invasive treatment

  • Natural nutrition restores health

           High-density nutritional value is easy to absorb

Suggested Use:

One to two packs daily, can be taken anytime

Gene regulation:

Dr. Chung was Published in Journal of bioscience and bioengineering 2015

IV that sulphoraphane treatment clearly increased the stability of p27KIP1 protein.

Importantly, SKP2 overexpression of p27KIP1 knockdown significantly induced colony formation recovery in sulphoraphane-treated DLD-1 and LoVo cells.Sulphoraphane exerted marked anti-colon cancer activity, as evidenced by its action to induce apoptosis, inhibit colony formation ability and evoke G2/M arrest in human colon cancer cells. Moreover, we provide the first evidence supporting the critical role of the SKP2-p27KIP1 axis in the antiproliferative effect of sulphoraphane on colon cancer cells.


These observations implicate the potential of sulforaphane as an efficient agent for colon cancer treatment.

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